Homeland Security

If you’ve been thinking about getting your mba degree and you have a background in criminal justice (or a related field), then you might want to think about getting your mba in homeland security.

Why Get A Homeland Security MBA?

The field of homeland security has exploded since 9/11.  Before that fateful day, the whole idea of “homeland security” really wasn’t on anyone’s radar.  Since then, however, an entirely new field has sprung up, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that it’s growing faster than average.

Homeland Security experts have one main goal: to protect the American people from disaster, either from attack or natural occurrence.  Many people think that homeland security is all about stopping terrorism, but terrorism is only one aspect of homeland security.  Professionals in this industry are also deployed when hurricanes or floods occur, pandemics start, or when there has been a chemical spill.  It’s a demanding career that covers a wide variety of areas.

With an mba in homeland security you’ll be employed in a leadership position, managing people and teams in a coordinated effort with other agencies to try and do the most good with the resources available.  It’s a high stress job, but also one that’s incredibly rewarding.  You have the opportunity to save people’s lives on a daily basis.  For some, that’s the sole reason why they pursue an mba in homeland security.

Homeland Security MBA Programs: What You’ll Learn

There’s no doubt that when you enroll in a homeland security mba program, you’re signing up to learn about some fascinating topics.  Some of the classes you might see when enrolled in this mba program include:

  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legalities of Homeland Security
  • Terrorism
  • Contemporary Issues In Homeland Security
  • Leadership Development and Change Management
  • Financial Management
  • Sociology of Disasters
  • Conflict and Terror

Enrolling in homeland security degree program means that you’re not only learning about terror threats and disaster prevention.  It also means that you’ll be learning about the underlying aspects of these events.

You’ll be asking questions such as: how do terrorists truly view the United States?  How can we improve our emergency response time in natural disasters?  How can we develop a better inspection process for our ports?

As a leader in the field of homeland security, you’ll be able to solve some of these complex problems and keep the people in your local community safer as a result.

Careers With A MBA In Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is one of the largest government agencies, employing over 183,000 people in 2006.  Once you graduate with a homeland security mba, chances are pretty high that you’ll work for this agency.

It’s important to remember that the Department of Homeland Security is an “umbrella agency”.  It was created to combine the responsibilities of several different agencies to improve communication and effectiveness both at the national, state, and local levels.

This means that you could work for:

Pinning down how much you’d earn with a homeland security mba is extremely difficult, mostly because there are so many different agencies you could work for.  A further complication stems from the diverse amount of tasks each of these agencies is put in charge of.

With an mba in homeland security you could work for, say, the TSA, but you might be put in charge of information technology protection, infrastructure, intelligence analysis, enforcement, scientific study, or prevention and detection.  And, this is by no means a comprehensive department list.

The Department of Homeland Security reports that the average pay grade scale for their employees is $61,735.  So, you can use that as a base when doing your own research.

Getting a homeland security mba is going to put you in a leadership position that is exciting and rewarding.  You’ll be managing people who, by working together, keep the American people safe from harm.

Many people in these agencies report a very high degree of job satisfaction, in spite of the large bureaucracy that exists, because they know that they’re truly helping make the world a better and safer place to live.  The salary is good, the benefits are great, and growth is expected to continue well into the next decade.

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